almamusica433 is a cultural association that brings together, as its name suggests, some elements that might seem antithetical and distant in time.

Alma was the name given to the first universities in the Middle Ages. Its meaning of "nourishing" implies the action of feeding, "the one that nourishes".

Nourishing Music!


433 is the click that brings memory back to John Cage's most famous creation, that represents the most revolutionary experience of the last seventy years in the field of music.

433 is the number of the Cosmic Silence, the vibration of absolute zero.


almamusica433 is the desire of some individuals to bring the experience of Music, revealed in its most unexpected and hidden aspects, into the Real world where we strive to live.

It is an experiment, a continuous laboratory of shared experiences bringing together all those who embrace our ideas and help us to feed them, develop them and offer them to those who are willing to receive them.

almamusica433 is therefore an Offer that turns into action.

almamusica433 develops projects aimed at disseminating music and arts, with a particular focus on project for primary and middle schools.


In 2013, almamusica433 created the Kalicantus ensemble. This group of early music is dedicated to rediscovering the music repertoires of the Middle Ages and of Renaissance.


almamusica433 collaborates with Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche on the project "Musica Antica in Casa Cozzi", as well as with the Festival of Early Music Wunderkammer and the International Chamber Music Academy of Duino, on the organization of Hausemusik concerts in partnership with Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia.


almamusica433 organizes the Nuove Musiche festival, designed to enhance the Medieval historical sites of the local territory.


almamusica433 promotes and supports the "Borsa di studio biennale Nicoletta Menegaldo", a scholarship granted to the best graduates of Italian conservatories, dedicated to the memory of the Italian musician who died prematurely.