Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche in association with almamusica433 present the third edition of Musica antica in casa Cozzi project, under the artistic direction of Maestro Stefano Trevisi.


1. Course Venue

The courses will be held at the house of Luisa e Gaetano Cozzi in via Milan, 41 at Zero Branco (TV).


2. Courses and Teachers

The proposed courses are dedicated to the study of the performance practice of Early Music. For a more comprehensive preparation, course participants of diverse vocal and instrumentalist groups are invited to participate in chamber music and ensemble music workshops (free of charge or at a discounted price).




Date                              Teacher                    Course                    Enrolment Fees       Closing Date *


23-24 January 2016      Paola Erdas              Harpsicord                200 €                         8 January 2016


20-21 February 2016    Xavier Díaz-Latorre   Lute and vihuela       250 €                        12 February 2016


10 April 2016                Paolo Da Col              Early ensemble        200 €                         1 April 2016

                                                                         singing practice      


16-17 April 2016           Lia Serafini                 Baroque singing       200 €                         8 April 2016


  • Enrolments received after the closing date will only be accepted if permitted by the course organisation and/or at the discretion of the Secretary.




Once each course has achieved the minimum number of enrolments a a free workshop for active course participants at the sole discretion of the teacher will commence on the same dates at the same times as per the guidelines.



Auditory participants are required to pay a single fee of 50,00 €. Course enrolment must be received as per the set conditions (art. 2).


3. Selection of Course Participants 

The selection of course participants will be based on the curricula to be sent with the course enrolment  (as specified in art. 5). This is irrelevant for auditory participants.


4. Course Activation

The courses (masterclass and workshops) may be activated prior to reaching the minimum number of enrolments at the discretion of the Artistic Management. Furthermore, the Artistic Management may activate courses despite having the minimum number of enrolments and may choose to activate more than one class for the same subject.


5. Enrolments 

Masterclass enrolments should be downloaded from the websites www.almamusica433.it or www.fbsr.it and completed in full. Enrolment forms, which must be received by the closing date indicated as per the the table, art.2, may be submitted by:


  • registered post to Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche - Via Cornarotta, 47-9 – 31100 – Treviso (Italia), in which case the post mark will be the accepted date


The Secretary will email applicants within two days of the course closing date (as per the terms specified in art. 2) to confirm admission to the masterclass and workshops.


Please attach a brief artistic curriculum and a copy of a document of identification to your application.


Acceptance of the terms of these Early Music Guidelines as specified by the organisers  almamusica433 and FBSR is implicit on the submission of the application form in addition to the agreement with the use of personal information for masterclass organisation purposes in accordance with regulations (D. Lgs.196/2003 and subsequent modifications).


The organiser reserves the exclusive right to photograph, record, film and distribute the masterclass activities as it sees fit from which course participants can not request financial compensation nor exemption.



On the enrolment form each member of the existing vocal or instrumental ensemble must indicate  the name of the ensemble in which they participate in addition to the ensemble director or manager in the spaces provided.


6. Payment of Course Fees


Participation fees are specified in the section “Courses and Teachers” (art.2) of these guidelines.


The fee must be paid in full by the dates indicated in art. 2. for the enrolment to be accepted.


Documentation verifying fee payment must be sent via email to info@almamusica433.it or casa.cozzi@fbsr.it attached to the printed enrolment form. In the event that an enrolment is not accepted the course fees will be fully refunded.


As per current legislation the student has 14 days from the date of enrolment to withdraw with a full refund on receipt of a registered letter A/R.  After this period 50% of the fees will be refunded to any student who withdraws via the same means within 72 hours (three days) before the start of the course.


In the event that one or more courses are cancelled (due to unforeseen circumstances or  insufficient enrolments) the fees paid will be refunded in full.

In the case of participation in more than one master classes, the respective fees are due as per the  deadlines for each masterclass as specified in art. 2.


The bank details for payment are as follows:



ADDRESS: Via Cornarotta 7-9

IBAN     IT 97 A 01030 12080 000001674714              





Banco Posta


IBAN     IT52 E076 0112 0000 0100 2551 982


PAYABLE TO: Masterclass: (specify course date) ………………………..

Student name: (write) ………………………………………………………..………….


The balance of the course fees must be paid prior to the start of the lesson or workshop.  Otherwise, the student will not be able to participate.


7. Final Concert

The final masterclass concert will be held at the discretion of the course teachers.

The participation of singers and musicians is compulsory for course members who are chosen by the teacher.

Students may not request any fees for performing.  The organiser reserves the exclusive right to photograph, record, film and distribute the masterclass activities as it sees fit from which course participants can not request financial compensation nor exemption.


Both singers and musicians are required to wear black clothing for the final concert.


8. Musical Instruments

A part from participants who play the harpsichord each instrumental student needs to have their own antique instrument or historical copy.

415/440Hz tuning fork is available for courses and concerts.

The organisation is not responsible for any eventual tampering or theft of musical instruments and or materials left unattended.


9. Musical Teaching Resources

Musical resources to be used during the concerts will be provided by or agreed upon with the teacher at the beginning of the course.


10. Arrivals 

Course participants will be welcomed by the Secretary at the venue: the home of Luisa and Gaetano Cozzi in via Milan, 41 - Zero Branco (TV) one hour before the start of the first lesson. For any special needs or requirements contact  the Secretary in advance.  For information the Secretary is contactable via mobile on: +39 3343429025 or e-mail at: info@almamusica433.it.


11. Accommodation 

Food and board  is the full responsibility of the participants. 7 (seven) beds are available at Casa Cozzi which will be assigned on request subject to availability.  


The cost 40,00 € per day for full board and overnight stay at Casa Cozzi as provided by the Benetton Foundation staff is to be settled by the end of the course.

Alternatively, a list of B&Bs and other similar accommodation in the Zero Branco area which offer overnight accommodation and breakfast is available on request.  

For more information, bookings and special dietary requirements please contact the Secretary as listed below.

12. Certificate of Participation 

At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued for use in accordance with the uses permitted by the law.


13. Disputes 

For all matters not covered by these guidelines the normal laws are enforceable.  Disputes will be resolved by the application of these guidelines by the Treviso Tribunal.



Organising Secretary


almamusica433  +39 3343429025 - info@almamusica433.it - Hours:  14.00 - 15.00 e 19.00 - 20.00


Fondazione Benetton - www.fbsr.it - +39 0422 5121 - fbsr@fbsr.it